Victoria Milan Review

Victoria Milan Review

Websites that accommodate extra-marital or non-monogamy partnerships are certainly nothing new. However, Victoria Milan does have the distinction of being one of the better known sites. As you are well aware, though, this doesn’t really mean much – reputation doesn’t guarantee quality.

If you are considering having an affair, then you are probably wondering if Victoria Milan is the best site for you. Well, this comprehensive review will give you a better idea of what you can expect:

Pros and Cons

  • Famous
  • Good Prices
  • Easy to Use
  • No phone app


Victoria Milan User Base

According to Victoria Milan, the site boasts over 7.5 million users around the world, with the number increasing all the time. The statistics on the male and female users aren't easy to come by. However, it is estimated that around 40 percent of the members are women.

It should be noted that this is a European website. As such, most of the members live in various parts of Europe. Victoria Milan does cater to a global clientele, though. The site is available in several languages and is open to people in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, as well as Africa and the Middle East.

That being said, you are most likely to have luck if you live in Europe or are planning to visit the continent in the near future. Otherwise, you may end up with more long distance relationships than nearby ones.

The Sign Up Process

It doesn’t take you very long to register your account on Victoria Milan. First, you have to state your gender, your current relationship status (Single, Attached, Married, or Divorced) and who you are looking for.

Then, you just provide your email address to continue the process. You should know that Victoria Milan insists of verifying your email address. It is only once this fact has been confirmed that you can move onto the next stage.

If you have been verified, you can begin to build your profile. This starts with adding a picture. The site does give you an option to blur or hide your pictures from the general public. You have to adhere to basic guidelines in terms of what you can and can’t upload onto your profile.

You can add various descriptors to your profile. This can include:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Status
  • Body type
  • Diet
  • Drinking Smoker

This is something that other users are encouraged to add to their profile as well. This way, you can use these fields to filter out users or help people to find you more easily.

As you can see, the focus is primarily on physical features here. Victoria Milan doesn’t let you search people based on interests, although you can looking for lifestyles that are similar to your own. Of course, if you are looking for a purely physical connection, then this isn't an issue.

Using the Site

For the most part, using the site is pretty straightforward. Once you have set up your profile, you can adjust your settings to find people in your preferred location – either your own country or another one. You can also set it up so that the site will find you matches from a local region or throughout the entire country.

You will also be required to select your preferred age range. From then on, you can use the various filters to find who you are looking for. The number of results will depend on how broad or narrow your requirements are.

One of the biggest issues with using the site is that there are reports of fake profiles and scammers. Now, Victoria Milan is meant to screen and verify their users. Despite this, many users have talked about how they are being lured into scams or end up dealing with bots on the site.

Due to this, the level of success that you may experience with Victoria Milan may vary depending on where you live. If you live in a region where the site is popular, then you may encounter real profiles. Otherwise, you may have to contend with fake ones.

The Victoria Milan App

In addition to the website, Victoria Milan has a dating app as well. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

To a certain extent, the app does mimic the user interface of the website. You should be warned that certain important features such as the Panic Button are missing from the app. The app is also not very sophisticated and can take a long time to load on certain devices.

Apart from this, though, you should be able to use the app in the same manner that you would the original website. App users have also mentioned have to go through numerous fake profiles so this appears to be a problem that exists on both platforms.

Communication Options

Only some of the communication features on Victoria Milan are free. For instance, if you register with a free account, you will be able to send Winks. You can also add people to your Favorites list. Apart from this, though, you have to sign up for a premium membership before you are able to continue.

The only way to communicate with other members is via the chat feature. You can send messages up to 20 people at a time. If you move to a more expensive subscription, though, you can extend the number of people that you can contact.

You can send a direct message or you can send people a Wink if you just want to gauge their reaction. The chat room lets you send virtual gifts to another member. To do this, however, you have to use your credits. The number of credits that you have will depend on how much you are paying for your subscription.

There is also a Private Keys function. As mentioned, many of the profiles on Victoria Milan may be blurred or hidden in some way. Private Keys are a way for one member to give another member access to certain photos.

Subscription and Payment System

Initially, it is free to sign up with and use Victoria Milan. If you wish to use the extended services, you will need to register for a subscription service. Here, you can sign up for a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription.

In the beginning, a lump sum is charged to your account. Your subscription is also automatically renewed at the beginning of a new payment period. For the three month plan, you are renewed for the entire period and the lump sum is deducted.

For the 6 and 12 month plans, though, things are a little different. Here, your subscription is only renewed every 3 months. Your payment will also be split into 2 or 3 parts, respectively.

It is possible for you to cancel the auto renewal feature. It does need to be done before one payment cycle ends.

There are actually a number of different ways that you can make payments. To begin with, Victoria Milan does accept all major credit cards. You can also pay via Entropay, Paysafecard, Neteller, Entercash, IDEAL, Google Play, and iTunes.

You should note that the exact payment methods will depend on the region that you are living in. Thus, you may only be able to pay via certain methods.


Of course, when it comes to a site like Victoria Milan, what most people are concerned with is the level of discreetness. Users want to know that their identity and activity is safeguarded at all times. This is why Victoria Milan has included various features to help people keep their identity a secret.

To begin with, the site doesn’t request any identifiable information about you. The only thing that links you to the site is your email address and any financial details. Apart from this, you don’t have to give anyone your last name, address, etc.

Victoria Milan doesn’t require you to sign in via any other platform and especially not social media sites. Thus, there is no chance of your Victoria Milan account being linked to anything else.

Also, there is the anonymous username function. At no point are you expected to give your real name until you are comfortable with a particular user. The site also has blurring tools to help bur any photos that you may have. Or, you can use the mask feature to cover most of your face.

Victoria Milan contains an Auto Logout feature. If you are on idle for more than a certain period of time, the site automatically logs you out. So, even if someone were to pass by your computer or phone, they will not be able to see anything.

The site is equipped with something known as a Panic Button. If you need to quickly move away from the site, click on the Panic Button. You will then be diverted to an innocent looking site.

Last but not least, Victoria Milan doesn’t show up on your credit card statements. Instead, the company changes its name every now and then. This way, the same charge doesn’t keep showing up each and every time.

Security and Safety Features

Fortunately, Victoria Milan does take its security rather seriously. For instance, you can guarantee that all of your financial transactions are completely secure. The company uses 256 bit encryption to ensure that no third parties can see this financial information.

What's more, the details are only viewed by specific employees. This means that very few people have access to your financial information. Victoria Milan has also taken part in the GDPR act. This means that they agree to not sell or distribute any information that you provide them with to third party agencies.

Upon request, the company will also provide you with access to all the information that they store on you. It is also possible to see how this information is used or processed. If you choose to delete your profile, then the information stored there will be completely deleted after a while.

You should know that the website will continue to hold onto these details if your subscription expires. The same thing will happen if you deactivate your account without deleting it. To ensure that all your information has been erased, you have to send a special request for your account to be deleted.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the final verdict on Victoria Milan? This is a dating site that can be rated as average. It is a well-known site that does boast a significant amount of users. However, the services do appear to be targeted at European users more. If you live in another part of the world, then you may not have as much success.

Victoria Milan does appear to be a well-designed site, though. It is quite easy to find the people that you are looking for. The search functions, in particular, make it a breeze to narrow down specific profiles depending on your requirement.

You will also find it rather easy to keep your identity a secret. From blurring tools to panic buttons, the site is properly equipped to keep you safe and secure. This is certainly something users can appreciate.

Now, there is the fact that in recent times, Victoria Milan has seemed to take on fake profiles or scammers. Users are finding an increased number of such profiles on the site. These tend to be more prominent in areas where Victoria Milan is especially popular.

This is something that users will need to watch out for. While Victoria Milan does ensure that all of the profiles are properly checked, it does appear that some have slipped through the cracks.

For the most part, Victoria Milan appears to fulfill the requirements for attached people looking for short term and long term partners. While its features aren't especially compelling, they are enough to keep most users satisfied, particularly those that are looking for flings.

Due to this, Victoria Milan falls into the middle of the pack. It is astounding by any means but still does appeal to people who are looking for unusual dating arrangements.

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